Servants Connects Compassionate People with People in Crisis

Servants' 600+ active volunteers serve by using their skills, gifts and experiences in providing home repairs and maintenance services for low-income older adult and disabled homeowners through Home Helps; delivering help to disaster victims and recovery efforts through U.S. Disaster Recovery; by teaching extreme poverty-ridden families and communities in Guatemala to achieve a sustainable lifestyle through Serving at-Risk Families; and by planning and coordinating short-term mission trips across the U.S. and around the world.

Servants mission is to Serve Christ, build relationships, transform lives, and provide hope. Partner with us on the journey God has set for Servants!

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25 Ways in 25 Days

Put LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR into Action during this Christmas Season through Servants! 


  • Dec 1 (Click photo)

    Give your First Christmas Gift

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  • Dec 2 (Click photo)

    Read Good Samaritian in Luke

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  • Dec 3 (Click photo)

    Gifting a wheelchair ramp $999

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  • Dec 4 (click photo)

    Volunteer in 2019 call 717-378-0336

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  • Dec 5 (Click Photo)

    Sponsor a Family for $35/month!

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  • Dec 6 (Click phot0)

    Send a card!

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  • Dec 7 (Click Photo)

    Help Disaster Victims

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  • Dec 8 (click photo)

    Safe Flooring

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  • Dec 9 (Click photo)

    Day of prayer

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Thanks to YOU, 1,000 lives are touched each year! Are you eager to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ during this Advent and Christmas Season? We are!!!

Without vital donors like you, those 1,000 individual people and families would not be out of their crisis. Let’s extend loving our neighbor to mean loving the quiet elderly man down the street who sits on his porch daily at his dilapidated house. Maybe we can even expand our concept of loving our neighbor and show up in boots with a shovel when a basement is a flooded mess.

Let’s show our neighbors in Guatemala or the Dominican Republic, in Uganda, in North Carolina, or in Texas how much Jesus loves them by extending His love and helping disaster victims. Let’s give those amazing children who live in extreme poverty around the world an education to break their generational poverty cycle!

There are millions of neighbors who want to get out of a hardship they cannot see past.

Together, let’s pray that we actually SEE what God places before us; let’s pull our volunteer power together and ANSWER the cries of the thousands of low-income homeowners, devastated homeowners, and those living on dirt floors.

There are literally thousands of lives at stake each day. Won’t you give today?

Let’s build and nurture relationships with every neighbor we see, think about, read about, pray for and love.

Every dollar helps push us one step closer to serving others. Put your love for your neighbors into action and make your donation to Servants now.