Extraordinary Give Is HERE!

Servants is participating again in today's Extraordinary Give! Help raise $5,000 today by clicking on the link below and donating - we are grateful for your donation!

The Extraordinary Give is Lancaster County's Largest Day of Giving. For the past five years, in just 120 hours of giving, the Extraordinary Give has raised $22.5 million for more than 500 organizations, including Servants! On November 17, $500,000 from presenting sponsors will be stretched and Servants will receive a % of funds based upon donations.


Servants Connects Compassionate People with People in Crisis

Servants' 600+ active volunteers serve by using their skills, gifts and experiences in providing home repairs and maintenance services for low-income older adult and disabled homeowners through Home Helps; delivering help to disaster victims and recovery efforts through U.S. Disaster Recovery; by teaching extreme poverty-ridden families and communities in Guatemala to achieve a sustainable lifestyle through Serving at-Risk Families; and by planning and coordinating short-term mission trips across the U.S. and around the world.

Are You On The Front Lines Of Poverty?

Servants' volunteers, donors, partners, prayer warriors and staff are on the front lines of poverty. Every day our eyes are opened to the hardships, smells, hazards, sounds, and reality of poverty.  

Whether a SARF family is looking for a way to feed their malnourished baby, or a family from Hurricane Harvey is now homeless due to their condemned house, or an older adult homeowner has been without water for two months—a life living in poverty must be helped.

If we are blind to our neighbors and communities who live in the reality of poverty every single day, how can we love our neighbors? In Matthew 22, Mark 12, and Luke 10, Jesus tells us to “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Take a look around your neighborhood. Do you see the homes that are dilapidated or messy? Do you see neighbors wearing old, worn clothing? Do you judge that homeowner as lazy or do you offer to help?

Servants’ volunteers, donors, partners, prayer warriors and staff offer to help! That is what God has called us to do. Servants connects compassionate people with people in crisis.

So we can all continue to serve our neighbors locally, nationally, and internationally on the front lines, we are kicking off our:

“Love Your Neighbor” year-end campaign to raise $185,000.

This Campaign has been created to ensure there is a dedicated, talented staff in 2018 to lead the endeavors God places before us; to empower our hundreds of volunteers to continue to work on the front lines; to answer the calls of the hundreds of very low-income older adult and disabled homeowners who need critical repairs to live in a safe and healthy home; to love and teach our Guatemalan families to break their poverty cycle for good; to respond to our neighbors in Texas who are homeless, penniless, and feel hopeless; and to build relationships wherever and whenever we can.

Thanks to you, we can serve those who God puts before us on the front lines. The cause is critical, the stakes are high and to love your neighbor and impact your communities, we are asking that you prayerfully make a year-end donation to Servants’ Love Your Neighbor Campaign.

Make your tax-deductible donation to Servants now.

Please give:

  1. by texting your donation to 717-722-0336;  
  2. by going online to http://servants.org/support-servants and choosing “Love Your Neighbor Campaign,” or  
  3. by mailing a check made payable to Servants. 

We are so grateful for you!