Servants Connects Compassionate People with People in Crisis

Servants' 600+ active volunteers serve by using their skills, gifts and experiences in providing home repairs and maintenance services for low-income older adult and disabled homeowners through Home Helps; delivering help to disaster victims and recovery efforts through U.S. Disaster Recovery; by teaching extreme poverty-ridden families and communities in Guatemala to achieve a sustainable lifestyle through Serving at-Risk Families; and by planning and coordinating short-term mission trips across the U.S. and around the world.

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Families are in crisis and Servants is responding!

York and Lancaster Counties

On August 31st, flash floods devastated parts of York and Lancaster counties. Both counties declared disasters after 8 inches of rain fell in some parts in less than 4 hours.  Currently, over 100 families are awaiting assistance from local organizations and Servants is at the helm of the relief effort.  

Hurricane Florence
Parts of the Carolina's have received over 34 inches of rain from Hurricane Florence.  Lives have been lost, and over 1,000 people have lost their homes.  While the floodwaters are still rising, Servants is preparing to deploy teams to aid in response and restoration.

Hurricane Harvey
Servants is still active in the Houston area and assisting the 1,400 families still waiting for repairs to their homes.  Servants will continue to aid these communities until the last home is rebuilt.  This effort may take several years, but God is faithful and so are we!

How You Can Help
If you wish to assist those affected by these floods, your contribution would be a blessing!  If you, your church, or a group want to volunteer to serve, you help would be appreciated!  If more funds are received than those needed for these instances, they will be used for other disasters across the United States.

Please call Lisa Sica for information about volunteering or email her at

To donate, please go to our Support Page. 

Praying For Guatemala!!!

Our Serving at-Risk Families and Missionaries in Guatemala are SAFE!

We are in daily prayer for our Guatemalan families who are seeing the ashes of the eruption. We are in daily prayer for those dear Guatemalans whose loved ones have died or are missing, whose homes and belongings are gone, whose lives are forever changed, and for the first responders working hard to save what who they can.

Kasey and Esther Smith, two Guatemalan missionaries from Servants, gathered five pastors in the community and they received donations - from people who have next to nothing - to take to the victims. On June 8, Kasey and Esther led a truck FULL of supplies to the area. The Government was not letting aid in but God in his amazing ways had the guards allow Kasey and his team through. They were the very first team allowed in the area. PRAISE GOD for Kasey and Esther's obedience to Him, for the Pastors and families who gathered the supplies, and for the safety of everyone.  If you would like to donate to relief efforts for the volcano victims, please go to:

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