Serving at-Risk Families Ministry

Our Serving at-Risk Families (SARF) ministry in Linda Vista and Villa Neuva, Guatemala began in 2013. SARF provides extremely poor families with schooling, job training, healthcare access, Bible education and Bible community clubs, home repairs, nutritional training, and emotional counseling needed to help get them to a place of self-sufficiency.

Since less than 20% of Guatemalans graduate from high school, SARF gives the children in the SARF ministry families an opportunity to go to school. We are working with this young, new generation to educate and break the poverty cycle of each family.

The ministry currently has 4 in-country missionaries from York County, PA that support all facets of the program. Servants sends 8-10 mission teams per year to build relationships with our families, local churches, community members and each other. Our teams work on family and community repair projects. 

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2019 Backpack Campaign

Serving at-Risk Families (SARF) raises money to send the children from each family in the ministry to school. By giving them a quality education, the opportunities for employment upon graduation increases dramatically.  

Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Let's band together this year to provide full funding for tuition, school supplies, books, and uniforms. 

Let's pray our young children and teenagers through the Guatemalan school year (Jan-Oct). Choose which school supplies you would like to donate, purchase, and drop off at Servants in Red Lion by September 27, 2019.


Graphing paper 8.5” x 11” loose-leaf sheets


Geometric sets -triangle/half circle, T square

White paper legal sized loose-leaf sheets

Coloring pencils

Watercolor paints (sets of 12) No. 1 & 5 size paint brushes

Scientific calculators

Pencil sharpeners (hand held, not battery operated)

Small staplers w/ staples

Technical/graphic pen (black) – fine point

Folders in letter and legal size

Legal sized manila folders

10 ounce bottles of school glue

Dry Erase Markers (Blue, Red, Black)


Masking tape (1-2”)

Coloring markers

Black permanent markers (chisel tip, not fine point)

Clear packing tape

A high school diploma is key to breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty! If you would like to donate directly to the campaign and support school tuitions and the supplies we need to purchase in Guatemala, please go to and donate today. Thank you!

24 Hours in Poverty - A Youth Group Experience

"24 Hours in Poverty" teaches and empowers youth groups to battle poverty for families who love in extreme poverty through prayer, fundraising, and knowledge. Your youth group will learn about poverty through creating and working in a village, candid discussions, Bible studies and games. For more information, please contact Chris Gohn (


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