Serving at-Risk Families

Our Serving at-Risk Families (SARF) ministry in Linda Vista and Villa Neuva, Guatemala began in 2013. SARF provides extremely poor families with schooling, job training, healthcare access, Bible education and Bible community clubs, home repairs, nutritional training, and emotional counseling needed to help get them to a place of self-sufficiency.

Since less than 20% of Guatemalans graduate from high school, SARF gives the children in the SARF ministry families an opportunity to go to school. We are working with this young, new generation to educate and break the poverty cycle of each family.

The ministry currently has 4 in-country missionaries from York County, PA that support all facets of the program. Servants sends 8-10 mission teams per year to build relationships with our families, local churches, community members and each other. Our teams work on family and community repair projects. 

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2019 Backpack Campaign

The Perez family moved to Linda Vista, Guatemala 15 years ago hoping to obtain employment so the family could survive. They moved from Nebaj, which is a very, very poor area hidden in the highlands of Guatemala. Unfortunately, their lack of education and Juanita’s illiteracy has stifled their chances of success so they remain in their family’s continuing poverty cycle.

The cycle of poverty is a phenomenon where poor families become impoverished for at least three generations so there are no surviving ancestors who possess and can transmit the intellectual, social, and cultural capital necessary to stay out of or change their impoverished condition. Such families have either limited or no resources.

But that doesn’t mean families do not have a desire to break their poverty cycle!

Families that live in extreme poverty see education as an impossible cost. Families don’t understand that keeping their children home to work instead of going to school continues the poverty cycle for the next generation.

Serving at-Risk Families (SARF) raises money to send all of the children from each family in the program to school and provides their tuition, uniform, books, supplies, shoes, and backpack.  By giving them a quality education, the opportunities for employment upon graduation increases dramatically.  

This year’s Backpack Campaign needs to raise $15,000 for tuition, uniforms, shoes, school supplies and backpacks.

Gather your classmates, your school clubs, your friends and family and when you purchase a backpack for school, buy a second one to send to Guatemala. When you raise money this summer with jobs, yard sales, and lemonade stands, give 10% toward the education of our Guatemalan SARF children. When you have VBS at your church, consider raising money for education. Tell your Youth Leader to schedule a 24-Hours in Poverty event to help fund education. Let us know your ideas to raise $15,000!

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Praying for those touched by Fuego's Volcano Eruption

We are in daily prayer for our Guatemalan families who are seeing the ashes of the eruption. We are in daily prayer for those dear Guatemalans whose loved ones have died or are missing, whose homes and belongings are gone, whose lives are forever changed, and for the first responders working hard to save what who they can.

The photo on the right was taken by friends in Villa Nueva, Guatemala - it's raining ash.

Fuego's Eruption in Photos

Why Guatemala's Volcanic Eruption Is So Much Deadlier than Hawaii's

24 Hours in Poverty - A Youth Group Experience

"24 Hours in Poverty" teaches and empowers youth groups to battle poverty for families who are in extreme poverty through prayer, fundraising, and knowledge. Students will create a village and experience daily life through building shelters, stoves, getting water, sharing, etc. Your youth group will learn about poverty through a speaker, discussions, Guatemalan Life Game, Individual and Group Bible Studies, real Guatemalan family profiles, and meals. The program provides opportunities to learn how to pray in a variety of ways for poverty through interactive Prayer Stations.

Your youth group will fundraise for families in Guatemala living in extreme poverty so our Serving at-Risk Families ministry can teach those families to live a life of self-sufficiency through education, job training, nutritional instruction, healthcare access, hygiene education, home repairs, and building a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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After 40 Girls Die in Orphanage Fire, Guatemala Asks Evangelicals for Advice....

Christianity Today wrote an article reporting about Guatemala and its struggle to come to terms with the Orphanage Fire tragedy. Toward the end of the article, it talks about trying to keep families together instead of having poverty-stricken parents give their children to an orphanage because they do not have the money to feed or care for them.  UNICEF estimates that of the 132 million orphans in the world, only 10 percent have lost both parents. Guatemala is no exception.

This is exactly what the SARF ministry does and is God's purpose for its existence - Serving at-Risk Families - families at risk of falling apart. Please earnestly pray about supporting our families today! 

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