Mobile Ramp

We received a call recently from a homeowner that was in a local rehab facility.  She was very concerned because her insurance was running out that Saturday and she couldn't afford to stay in rehab if she had to pay for it herself.  Additionally, the facility couldn't discharge her if she didn't have handicap accessibility for her home.  She called us to see what we could do to help her out.

Typically this would have been a challenge to pull off in less than a week but fortunately it's not a challenge for God!  Through a mutual friend the homeowner knew of a neighbor that had a wheelchair ramp at her house that she no longer need and was willing to donate.  Steve, Servants' Director of Home Helps went out to inspect the ramp and the home where we needed it and they were very similar.  It looked like it would be possible to relocate it.

So one of our regular teams went out that Saturday, (The day the home owner was to be discharged) removed the ramp from the donor's house, wheeled it down the street, and attached to the new house.  And because we know God always has a plan... the ramp actually fit better on the new house!  It was a perfect fit!

Thanks be to God for providing exactly what our homeowner needed!  Thank to our volunteers for working so hard to help this wonderful lady!  Thanks to all the people who had a part in making the connections to bring her home safely!