Disaster Recovery Ministry

Servants mobilizes amazing volunteers in response to disasters around the nation.  We partner with local ministries and other Christian disaster relief organizations to bring physical and spiritual restoration to people in their greatest time of need. Join us in bringing low-income families who are victims of natural disasters back to a life of normalcy!  

Hurricane Dorian

Servants Disaster Recovery Ministry is in the midst of training resourceful, dedicated volunteers who can easily overcome daunting logistical challenges to bring the hope and love of Jesus Christ while building relationships with low-income victims of Hurricane Dorian. 

We are loading up the Disaster Recovery Trailer and heading to different destinations along the US East Coast to pray with victims, help victims salvage through personal property, clear downed trees and debris, tarp roofs to prevent further water infiltration, and gut water-damaged homes to prepare for repairs. 


Hurricane Florence
Parts of the Carolina's have received over 34 inches of rain from Hurricane Florence.  Lives have been lost, and over 1,000 people have lost their homes.  Servants continues to deploy teams to aid in response and restoration in Florida and North Carolina.

Hurricane Harvey
Servants is still active in the Houston area and assisting the 1,400 families still waiting for repairs to their homes.  Servants will continue to aid these communities until the last home is rebuilt.  This effort may take several years, but God is faithful and so are we!

How You Can Help
If you wish to assist those affected by these floods, your contribution would be a blessing!  If you, your church, or a group want to volunteer to serve, your help would be life-changing!  

Please call Lisa Sica for information about volunteering or email her at LisaSica@servants.org.

To donate, please go to our Support Page

Servants Early Response Team Ministry

Adding to our current Disaster Recovery ministry will be Servants Early Response Team or SERT. Moments after a disaster hits, victims are faced with life-changing decisions. Their actions over the next few days will affect their lives for years to come. The primary goal of SERT is to show the love of Jesus Christ to disaster victims 48–72 hours after a disaster strikes. 

Clearing downed trees and debris, tarping roofs, gutting water-damaged homes and salvaging personal property are the most basic immediate actions necessary to preserve property and livelihood. In so doing, SERT volunteers seek to build bonds with vulnerable and at-risk populations, community leaders and other disaster relief organizations.

We seek to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ and to build transformative relationships with victims who are in need of spiritual and emotional restoration. Imagine for a moment it was you. Imagine it was your home. What are your most precious things? What is irreplaceable? What would you miss the most? How would you pay to rebuild your home? What about your community and neighbors and friends?

Disasters don’t just destroy homes and personal items, they destroy hope, they tear down spiritual strength, faith and trust, and they produce stress, fear, anxiety, and feelings of insecurity. Together, let’s provide hope and allow God to work through us as we serve His children who are victims of disasters. For more information about Servants Early Response Team or upcoming Disaster Recovery trips, please contact Lisa Sica (LisaSica@Servants.org). We are currently forming SERT volunteer teams to be ready when God calls us to serve.